Frequently Asked Questions.

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How does Total Dealer Compliance work?

Our process is simple​ and starts with an on-site audit​​ of your Sales, BDC,​ Finance​, and Service Departments. TDC Auditors ​will ​review your existing ​policies​ and procedures, interview ​your ​department heads​ ​and examine ​selected ​deal jackets. TDC will ​then ​communicate ​all ​findings within 72 hours and provide an Action Plan to instill the culture of compliance within the dealership.

​In addition, ​TDC provides an E-Learning Platform for all of ​your​ employees so they can familiarize themselves with Best Practices and become TDC ​Compliant ​Certified. Our Auditors come back every quarter to keep your organization on track.

Why Total Dealer Compliance?

Compliance is essential in today's Dealer environment.  While there may be other solutions and programs out there for compliance, TDC offers a simple comprehensive approach that generates fast results.  TDC was created by retail automotive professionals with a deep personal understanding of how the day to day works.  This allows TDC to operate seamlessly with zero disruptions.  It boils down to execution and TDC will deliver every time.  Pay a little now or a lot later.

What is the TDC E-Learning Platform?

Our Proprietary E-Learning Platform is designed for your employees to familiarize themselves with Best Practices, ​State and Federal Compliance Regulations as well as corresponding ​Policies and Procedures. Our comprehensive compliance content will be available to your entire staff and a required testing center will be available for total accountability. TDC will issue Certifications once all modules are completed and tests are passed. Our E-Learning Platform keeps your employees educated and accountable and is an integral part of our process.

Why are quarterly audits/reviews necessary?

We know ​dealers​ are busy selling cars, parts and service.  Our main focus is to hold your management team accountable ​to maximize Compliance​. TDC Auditors conduct quarterly Audits to make sure that Best Practices, Policies and Procedures are being implemented and your employees are on track to become TDC Certified.

Why is compliance important?

In today's world of aggressive regulators dealers need to take proactive steps to mitigate risks.  TDC solutions  will help with the following:

1.  Avoid criminal/civil charges/penalties.
2.  Build positive reputation.
3.  Increase productivity.

How long does the process take?

TDC Auditors will spend one day in your dealership. Within 72 hours TDC will communicate  ​all ​findings and schedule a review meeting to go over an Action Plan designed to instill the culture of compliance.

When can I get started?

TDC will send an Auditor to your dealership within 72 hours ​ of commitment.

Can I purchase online courses and study at my own pace?

Yes. We offer individual courses that cover compliance topics for all departments. We also offer bundled courses for an additional discount. After passing the test at the end of each course you will receive a Total Dealer Compliance Certificate of Completion. Courses are available through our Online Store.

Do you conduct Standalone Audits?

Yes. We understand that sometimes you just want to randomly check how compliant your dealership is. We offer Standalone Audits and provide and Action Plan to instill culture of compliance in your dealership.

What is included in the Best in Class package?

Best in Class is our most comprehensive offering and includes Quarterly Audits, Unlimited Access to the E-Learning Platform, Training and Certification, Policy and Procedures as well as Best Practices. This approach is guaranteed to instill culture of compliance and to reduce exposure.