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At Total Dealer Compliance, our mission is to protect your dealership from a compliance catastrophe. Government regulators are getting aggressive in cracking down on car dealers. Do you have a compliance plan? We do. Fill in the form and stop losing sleep over compliance.

  • • Learn the top 10 issues regulators check first
  • Train your whole team with affordable and convenient compliance courses
  • Stay ahead of shifting laws and regulations with quarterly audits
  • Gain your customers’ trust with official compliance certificates
  • Protect your business, revenue, and employees


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Total Dealer Compliance is focused on protecting your dealership from compliance penalties. Our team is composed of industry leaders with decades of automotive retail experience. We understand that automotive professionals have busy schedules and many priorities. Under pressure to meet sales goals, many dealerships don’t consider compliance to be a priority. This can be a costly mistake.

Don’t take the risk, and don’t let government regulators punish your profitable dealership for easily correctable issues. TDC offers a comprehensive and affordable compliance solution that saves you time and money and allows your team to focus on selling cars. Complete the form above to get started quickly and easily. It’s your choice - pay a little now, or a lot later!


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