About Us

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Total Dealer Compliance was founded by Max Zanan, the author of four best-selling automotive retail management books namely Car Business 101, Perfect Dealership, Effective Car Dealer, and The Art and Science of Running a Car Dealership.

With 20 years of experience, the brains behind Total Dealer Compliance have what it takes to help clients with dealership compliance and management consulting at an expert level. As a successful general manager, author, and entrepreneur, Max has cemented his position as an outstanding voice that leads the charge for modernizing the auto retail market.

Total Dealer Compliance thrives in providing car dealers with comprehensive solutions to ensure that they comply with Human Resource, Sales Federal regulations, Fixed Ops, F&I, BDC, and IT departments.

We are an auto dealer compliance auditing firm that also offers an eLearning Platform designed to help dealerships reduce the risks they face from regulators. We also strive to help them create a compliance culture that helps them reduce exposure proactively. The automotive industry faces ethical issues, and dealerships need to create an ethical environment for both their customers and employees.

That is where Total Dealer Compliance comes into play. We have a whole team of attorneys, professional auditors, and automotive experts who are on a mission of protecting the dealer’s interests and help improve operations.

We achieve all this through our on-site audits and comprehensive proprietary eLearning Platform consisting of over 25 online courses. It is designed for dealership employees who need to learn Federal Compliance Regulations, corresponding Procedures and Policies, and Best Practices.

Upon completion and passing of all the modules, Total Dealer Compliance issues certifications. With our eLearning Platform, dealership employees learn all the best practices and become accountable, which is an integral part of Total Dealer Compliance.