Car Dealer Compliance Services

Our process is simple and starts with an onsite audit of Sales, BDC, F&I, Fixed Ops, HR, and IT departments. Our auditors will review existing Policy and Procedures, interview department heads, and examine selected deal jackets. We will then communicate all findings within 72 hours and provide an Action Plan to instill the culture of compliance within the auto dealership. In addition, Total Dealer Compliance provides an ELearning Platform with over 20 online courses so car dealership employees can learn Best Practices and become Total Dealer Compliance Certified.



1. Comprehensive Online Training Modules for each department and employee of the dealership

2. End of Course Assessment Test

3. Dealer Pricing based on User/Employee headcount

● Up to 25 Employees - $699 Annually

● Up to 50 Employees - $1299 Annually

● Up to 100 Employees - $2499 Annually



Our most comprehensive offering that is guaranteed to have a positive impact on your organization.

● Quarterly Audits
● Unlimited Access to the ELearning Platform
● Testing and Certification
● Policy and Procedures
● Best Practices
● Requires Annual Commitment
● $995 Per Month


Our audits help uncover problems and reduce risk as well as improve internal controls.

● OnSite Audit
● Interview Department Heads
● Action Plan
● Policies and Procedures
● Best Practices
● $2500


Dealership employees that need help with a particular topic pertaining to their day-to-day responsibilities can choose from the following online courses:

● IRS/FinCEN Form 8300
● Safeguards Rule
● Used Car Rule
● Workplace Violence
● Emergency Planning
● Computer Security
● And Many More


For additional savings, dealership employees can purchase Online Course Bundles. Our bundles are grouped by departments:

● Sales
● F&I
● Fixed Ops
● HR
● IT



Conduct Vulnerability Assessment (VA) This phase consists of two main objectives, the planning and performing of the vulnerability assessment. The planning component will include gathering all relevant information (procedures, diagrams, policies, etc), defining the scope of activities, defining roles and responsibilities, and making others aware through the change management process. The method for performing the VA will include interviewing system administrators, reviewing appropriate policies and procedure relating to the systems being assessed and of course the security scanning.

Process Includes:

● Device Discovery
● Service Enumeration
● Validation
● Identify Exposures
● Address Exposures

Computer security is a vital part of any successful business. This is especially true for auto dealerships, which typically handle extensive and sensitive customer data. An auto dealer likely has valuable and personal information both about customers and employees including credit reports, banking and lending information, social security numbers, and more. Hackers will actively target your auto dealership to steal this information...Read More.


● Criminal/Credit check completed by a National Security Company

● Report provided to employer within 72 hours


When automotive professionals think of compliance, often the first considerations are regulations involving sales, financing, and IT security. While these are indeed key compliance areas, it’s also important for dealerships to ensure strong compliance procedures are in place for automotive service departments.

Service departments introduce broad compliance needs focused on OSHA regulations and general workplace safety. Compliance in these areas is vital to ensuring your dealership remains in good standing with regulators, and most importantly, ensuring that your employees are protected from common workplace accidents and injuries...Read More.


Any successful car dealership knows that advertising is key to getting attention and driving new customer acquisition. Dealers have to be aggressive in creating promotions and marketing vehicles, prices, and services to remain competitive in today’s automotive retail market.

What many dealers overlook is that while advertising must be persuasive, it must also meet a large set of important government regulations. Marketing and advertising strategies for car dealers must find a way to balance the need for attracting customers with great offers, while also understanding the laws and regulations surrounding car dealer advertising...Read More.


All car dealers are subject to state and federal compliance laws and regulations. This includes any dealership which sells used cars. In addition to the standard regulations applying to all automotive dealers, used car dealerships must comply with additional regulations.

One critical regulation, which applies to all used car dealers, is the FTC’s Used Car Rule, which requires that dealers post a Buyer’s Guide for every used car offered for sale. The Buyer’s Guide is an important consumer information document, which provides customers with purchasing and warranty information about the vehicle...Read More.