Computer Security Services

Computer Security Services for Auto Dealers

Computer security is a vital part of any successful business. This is especially true for auto dealerships, which typically handle extensive and sensitive customer data. An auto dealer likely has valuable and personal information both about customers and employees including credit reports, banking and lending information, social security numbers, and more. Hackers will actively target your auto dealership to steal this information.

The average auto dealer manager or employee does not have the time or expertise to implement effective computer or IT security. Total Dealer Compliance solves this problem for you, by providing a comprehensive computer security service for car dealers.

How the Computer Security Process Works

Our first step in securing your auto dealer’s IT system is our IT Vulnerability Scanning process. We perform a complete review of all personal computer systems, networks, servers, 3rd party tools and platforms, your processes for handling customer data, and more. This comprehensive computer security assessment allows us to create a custom plan to quickly and effectively bring your car dealership into compliance with data and computer security requirements and regulations.

Once we understand your current situation, we will begin actively working on securing your dealership. This includes:

● Installing quality anti-virus software on all computers
● Updating software programs and operating systems to prevent bugs and exploits
● Installing and configuring firewalls on all computers and servers
● Training employees to resist social engineering attacks, phishing, and insecure practices
● Automatic spam filtering for all email accounts
● Guidance on management strategies for continued security
● Encrypting customer data
● Strong password policies for all computers and accounts
● And more…

With this complete, your dealership will be fully compliant with all relevant IT security and data protection regulations. However, our work doesn’t stop there. You can continue to engage Total Dealer Compliance for regular IT security checkups and scans to keep current with the latest threats and regulations.

Why Choose Total Dealer Compliance

Total Dealer Compliance is dedicated to one mission: protecting your auto dealership by ensuring compliance with all regulations and industry best-practices. Our team of veteran auto executives and computer engineers have developed a uniquely powerful approach to providing effective, affordable computer security services to auto dealers. We are not a general purpose IT company. We focus only on auto dealers and the specific issues dealerships face in IT security.

At Total Dealer Compliance, we say “pay a little now, or a lot later!” We understand that computer security is often not a topic that dealership managers are excited about. However, failing to implement correct IT security can result in major losses. If your customer data is hacked, you could face serious penalties and huge losses in customer trust. Don’t wait until you have an emergency. Contact Total Dealer Compliance today for a free IT security consultation.