Automotive Service Department Compliance

When automotive professionals think of compliance, often the first considerations are regulations involving sales, financing, and IT security. While these are indeed key compliance areas, it’s also important for dealerships to ensure strong compliance procedures are in place for automotive service departments.

Service departments introduce broad compliance needs focused on OSHA regulations and general workplace safety. Compliance in these areas is vital to ensuring your dealership remains in good standing with regulators, and most importantly, ensuring that your employees are protected from common workplace accidents and injuries.

Important compliance factors to consider for your service department include:

• Hazardous waste management
• Emergency response planning
• Safety training and injury prevention planning
• Environmental health and safety regulations
• Spill plans
• And more...

At Total Dealer Compliance, our team of automotive compliance experts will work with your dealership across all business areas to ensure compliance and workplace safety standards are met and exceeded. We offer a complete online training module focused on OSHA compliance, including courses for emergency planning, hazardous materials, and protective equipment.

Don’t wait until you have a compliance emergency! Contact Total Dealer Compliance today to learn more about our compliance programs for auto service departments.